Halloween Photo Challenge 2013



It’s only August, but if you’re a Halloween fanatic like me you’re already counting down the days and planning out your costumes. It’s all I can think about and I usually catch the fever at the beginning of the Summer when I’m sweating and ready for Autumn!

Last year I was new to tumblr and hosted this photo challenge and it was a huge success with a lot of participants! Now we have even more expansions/stuff packs and CC to work with and I’d like to do it again!  I’m announcing it early so people can jot down ideas or start prepping for October.

Are you with me? Good!

How It Works: It’s simple. Below is a prompt list labeled from 1-31 with a challenge for every day in October. Starting October 1st (with number 1) to create scenes based on the words. For example if I used the word Rainbow then I would set up a picture that features a rainbow. It can either be rainbow clothing, an actual rainbow, maybe the trail behind a unicorn,  or anything as long as the picture has a rainbow in it!

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how the frick do these future gadgets even work

wow yes this has been a rather long hiatus and i kinda apologize for that, so have some adorable celeste shenanigans in the future



The Lucky One - TS2 Pinup Ponytail Conversion
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these are our adorable founders. Faris & Celeste Finch 

rub a dub dub, let’s drive this rust bucket to mermaid cove




which cc worlds do you guys recommend?

Small Worlds: 

Medium - Large Worlds: 

These are just some that come to mind at first, most of them i’ve tried & enjoy :) 

thank you poet T__T

"Nope! Gotta go to the meet & greet." 

"It was nice talking to you Ghost." 

"Likewise I guess."